We Compared – Shopify vs Magento vs WooCommerce – To Find The Best eCommerce Platform

What Builds a Perfect Shopping Cart in 2017? Could your eCommerce platform harm business performance?

Read the article below and find out what is the best e-commerce platform that will make your business grow.

Finding the perfect e-commerce platform for your retail business needs is really a tough one these days. The marketplace is full of top notch choices and is very competitive. To make your online store thrive in higher revenues and growth you need a reliable ‘partner’ (read – platform) with a shopping cart that is functional and operative.

Here we are going to compare Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce to layout their offers and choose the best pick.


Proclaimed as one of the best solutions on the market, this website store hosting solutions provide you with maximum control over the management and design of the online store.

They offer a modern and up to date online store that is easily usable by anyone, and ready to sell your merchandise. The platform is packed with great and one of a kind options that are built-in to power up your experience as well as the customers. That aside, Shopify offers constant help desk, code that is optimized for search engines and ranking on Google, and pre-made templates and layouts that make you one click away from setting up your online store.



According to a research, more than 54% of the supply chain officers will optimize their inventory management in order to help control and organize the inventory and reduce costs. Without a precise accounting or how much inventory items one business owns, where the inventory items are located, and what will be required to complete future orders, no business can run productively to turn a profit and generate development.

The inventory inefficiency is a common problem for many companies. The inaccurate inventory data can lead to a higher lead time which indicates a slower response to inquiries, market changes and modifications, and stock outs. This can create a customer disapproval and dissatisfaction when the items aren’t available or accessible as needed.

For the small and mid-sized businesses, the margin for error is simply too small. If they don’t meet the required demands or don’t satisfy the clientele, they will probably fail sooner or later.

How can the inventory system affect your inventory turnover ratio?

The inventory turnover is crucial for small businesses. It is the cost of items sold divided by average inventory in stock. If the turnover inventory is too high or too low, your business may be overstocking and you will probably find yourself unable to meet the customer’s requests.

A balanced turnover can lead to a better efficiency. This kind of efficiency can be achieved only by adopting an inventory management and control system. This efficiency can even cut payroll expenses since the staff no longer have to spend time and energy tracking down individual orders.

The inventory system is definitely worth the investment!



This is not, again, an actual ecommerce platform, but WooCommerce is claimed as the best eCommerce plugin on the market. Why plugin? Because it started as an extension to the most popular open-source CMS: WordPress. So, this is a great solution for everyone that wants to build an online blog or maybe personal website that is informative and integrate WooCommerce to use their advantage and sell products via their websites.

The plugin is free and offers the basic features for online retail, however, you can extend the functions by purchasing premium add-ons made by third party for just about anything. Automation, Payment processing, IMS, Coupon program … anything!

The plugin is user-friendly and has an easy interface, so it’s easily usable by any level of users. Being integrated with WordPress means that the SEO is controllable and you can rank your products on Google or Bing with little effort.

If you are selling online, do you think about starting or to switch your platform for a better e-commerce platform now? All of the above are offering a great solution and a lot of similar features, yet, do your research before making a final decision.